Mrs Y. January 2016

“Dear Mr Rudge, Thank you, the ankle fusion operation has made such a difference to my life!
Every day I marvel at the fact that I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom with no pain!
Tai Chi is improved too as i can put more weight on my left leg. Best Wishes…”

Mr T. December 2016

“Dear Mr Rudge, … I would like to thank you for you most considered and helpful advice and for your report which I received yesterday. My purpose in seeing you was to better understand the condition and the options available to me for the future and I can certainly say that objective was met in every way.
I acknowledge the careful way in which you discussed the options for corrective treatment and at the same time contrasting them with a decision not to proceed, at least at this time. As agreed I shall arrange to see you in three months time… I shall look forward to seeing you. Kind Regards…”

Mrs A. January 2017

“Dear Mr Rudge, …I cannot thank you enough for your skill, precision and all you did for me and leaving me with a scar that you can hardly see now. Your patience and reassurance at the time was very much appreciated as it was a pretty scary time for me. I feel so lucky to be as mobile as I am now and I will always be indebted to you for such a great job… You do amazing work every day which impacts people’s lives for the rest of their life. Thank you! Wishing you a happy New Year…”

Mrs S. February 2018

“Dear Mr Rudge, I just wanted to thank you for carrying out this procedure - I am feeling so much more comfortable and although I havent worn shoes up to now I can certainly feel the benefit walking barefoot at home! … If and when my left foot gets more painful I will certainly be returning for your expertise!”

Mrs T.E. September 2018

“When I was told from one of the surgeon that they cant help me I have been recommended to see Mr. Ben Rudge and he has helped me and fixed my right ankle, care before and after was at the most highest standard and I found Mr. Ben Rudge to be courteous, polite and professional during the entire process which was not easy for me.

 My mind was put at ease by Mr Rudge from the initial consultation through to the aftercare.

 Mr. Rudge and his team was professional and highly recommended.”

Mrs H. July 2016

“Again, I want to thank Mr Ben Rudge who has given me a new lease of life - I can't say enough about him to express what an amazing Surgeon he is, and how incredibly kind he has been to me over the last 13 months; I do count him as a dear and valuable friend and I hold him in the highest esteem.“

Mrs P. April 2019

“…More importantly, I am so grateful for your help and want to thank you for your time and patience in listening and recommending this course of action. I can't remember being without pain in the last few years, and the chance to work on improving my movement is tremendous and so appreciated.”